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  • Artist Imran Channa investigates the historical truth associated with the photograph, and how history itself remains malleable to ideology–despite the ostensibly stubborn veracity of photographic evidence. Issue 10

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  • We need a critical Pakistan studies that challenges reductive analyses informed by global security frameworks, and the state’s uses and abuses of knowledge. Issue 10

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  • Visiting one of the world's oldest private museums in Lahore, a writer re-discovers her home. Issue 10

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  • Some questions the Punjabi movement in Pakistan poses for the Left today. Issue 10

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  • An exploration of the Pashto poetry of Amir Hamza Shinwari. A poet who lived a borderland life, or rather, a life into which borders grew. Issue 10

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Working Class Power & Feminism: An Interview with Alia Amirali | VOICES

Punjab Deputy General Secretary of Awami Workers Party, Alia Amirali, and Toronto-based labor union organizer Sara Jaffri discuss organizing, imperialism, feminism and class in Pakistan.
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Can the FATA Reforms Break the Colonial Legacy?

The FATA reforms will only be successful if they can constitute a break from colonial rationale.
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Kashmir: A Rebel’s Life

In Kashmir, every child knows we are under occupation. This is not something we are taught. It is just a belief we have from birth, it is an inherent understanding in us, that we are not Indians.
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the way damaged people love | TQ Salon

to be with someone we love is a heroic act of defiance, a grave dissidence to every single normativity of state, religion and society which tells everything about us is somehow wrong. all of a sudden you become a Luti (people of Lut), a mental condition, a pervert, or might be going through a...
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Kis ki azadi?

14th August 1947: When women were talked about only for the sake of political sensationalism. When women’s bodies were incised by border-making. When killing daughters became a more honorable deed than risking their rape. When independence fighters threatened each other’s ownership by stealing women. When “Pakistan ka matlab kya La ilaha ilallah” rang in...
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Inventing Terrorism | Lisa Stampnitzky | VOICES

The recent attacks in Nice and Munich placed Europe on high alert resulting in experts once again asking about the continent’s Muslim population. Award winning scholar, Lisa Stampnitzky, sheds some light on these complex issues.
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Queer Shuttling | TQ Salon

I shuttle not only because I am always anxious of others appropriating my narrative, but also because I don’t really know how to process and narrate my queerness, how to come out politically through a narrative that is mine, that refuses to be globalized. Part of the reason for our collective shuttling is our...
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Translating Queerness | TQ Salon

It is important that we ask ourselves if we can do without the Western academic rhetoric that for all its usefulness can never understand the true scope and complexity of our identities, our stories and our traumas. Is it possible in Pakistan to speak about the right to love and live as we...
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ز خم خو ردہ ہوں ، شکست خوردہ نہیں

ادھر میں اونچی آوازوں سے ڈر جاتی ہوں پر تشدد فلموں سے دور رہتی ہوں اور مارا گیا...
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اسلام آباد سے سفاکانہ بیدخلی کی روداد

جیل سے رہائی کے بعد یہ منظر میرے لئے نا قابل یقین تھا کہ تمام آبادی اب بس...
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بائیں بازو کی سیاست میں صنفی امتیاز اب تک کیوں باقی ہے

کیا میں یہ تجویز کرنے کی جرات کر سکتی ہوں کہ بائیں بازو کو صنفی امتیاز کی...
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یادداشت میں رکهی جنگ

eng |اچھی شاعری کی واضح اور لازمی خوبی یہ ہے کہ وہ نثر نہیں ہوتی۔ شاعری...
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قلعہ یورپ: انسداد دہشتگردی اور ساحلوں سے ٹکراتی انسانی لہریں

eng | ہم سمںدر کا سینہ چیر کر یہاں پہںچے' فقط یہ جاننے کیلیۓکہ کوئ نہیں...
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مرتضیٰ کی موت اور اشرفیہ کا تشدد

eng | اسکول میں کچھ لڑکوں کے ساتھ لڑائی کے دوران میرا ایک طالبِ علم ہلاک...
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کراچی کینوس پر : مدیحہ حیدر کے ورلڈ ميڈمیں خبروں، تشدد اور شہرکی عکاسی

eng | مدیحہ حیدر کی تخلیقات ہماری زندگیوں میں خبروں کے نفوز کا احاطہ...
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Dangerous Precedent: Why the Qadri Verdict Can Do More Harm Than Good

The High Court’s judgment is both crucial and terribly problematic.


God’s Gravediggers: The Politics of Sectarian Killing

اردو | In a Hazara school, it was possible to divide the students' preoccupations into 4 categories: navigating relationships with parents, career choices, prospects for university and the risk of being shot by a death squad.

Not Talking About Pakistan | Taymiya R. Zaman

Not Talking About Pakistan

Questions about Pakistan are now a fact of living here, no different from damp weather or calls from salespeople. Some I deflect, and others I frame around my own terms. I drew a secret line around the borders of Pakistan and rarely stepped over it.



7 Security Forces Killed | TQ Wire

VIDEO | Seven members of the security forces were killed today in Mohmand Agency...


Being Female & Ahmadi | VOICES

I spoke with this female Ahmadi student to document the tribulations Ahmadi women go...

Ghosts of Bagram

The Ghosts of Bagram

I have spent nearly two months trying to find any evidence of Bagram's prisoners.