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  • When They Leave: The Fate of Hazaras in Afghanistan
  • On Discrimination against Pashtuns: Reflections from Peshawar
  • اردو | Fourteen years into a war that never seems to end, representations of Afghanistan remain narrow and simplistic. And, they reinforce a Kabul-centric vision of Afghanistan. Issue 9

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  • اردو | A translator wanders down the perilous path of rendering Ghalib into English. Issue 9

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  • اردو | You are well educated, you are a teacher, then why this beard and hair? Issue 9

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  • اردو | "When are the Americans leaving? Why are they leaving? Don’t they know that as soon as they leave, the Taliban will come and kill us?" Issue 9

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  • اردو | There has been a predilection on the part of non-Pashtun Pakistanis and other actors to look at the problem of terrorism as, somehow, a Pashtun problem. Issue 9

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Fortress Europe & The Tide of Humanity

Aug 2015

In the post-9/11 decade, persecuted civilians, people fleeing the so-called Islamic State, al-Qaeda and other armed groups, militaries and other actors violating the right to life, are now themselves being labeled a security threat. Issue 9
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Badmaash Elite

Aug 2015

My student was killed in a fight with some boys from the school where I teach. Endemic violence is a sign that our young are internalizing the ideological violence of the upper classes. Issue 9
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The Case of Islamabad: Building for the builders? | Invisible Cities

One month ago today, 1700 homes were brutally demolished and approximately 20,000 residents were forcefully evicted from the I-11 Katchi Abadi in Islamabad, and it only establishes that we have learnt absolutely nothing from history.
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Karachi on Canvas | Art Review

اردو | Artist Madiha Hyder captures how the news has penetrated our lives, shaping a perception of the spaces we inhabit and our sense of self. Issue 9
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Infrastructures of Colonialism and Resistance

Aug 2015

اردو | The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a colonial, not a national, project. Instead, we must support and build infrastructures of resistance that puts people before development. Issue 9
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Notes on the Wikileaks Cables

Aug 2015

اردو | The Wikileaks cables reveal America’s conversation on Pakistan. Issue 9
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Why Black Lives Matter in Pakistan

National security dominates the US-Pakistan relationship at the expense of marginalized peoples in both countries. We must build global solidarity between ongoing struggles.
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Kabul Good: Cultural Politics of an Endless War

اردو | Fourteen years into a war that never seems to end, representations of Afghanistan remain narrow and simplistic. And, they reinforce a Kabul-centric vision of Afghanistan. Issue 9
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کراچی کینوس پر : مدیحہ حیدر کے ورلڈ ميڈمیں خبروں، تشدد اور شہرکی عکاسی

eng | مدیحہ حیدر کی تخلیقات ہماری زندگیوں میں خبروں کے نفوز کا احاطہ کرتی ہیں۔ یہ تخلیقات ہمارے گردو نواح اور عرفان ذات سے متعلق خبروں کے اثر و رسوخ کی عکاسی کرتی ہیں۔شمارہ ٩

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مزاحمتی اور نوآبادیاتی انفراسٹرکچر

eng | پاک چین اقتصادی راہداری قومی نہیں بلکہ ایک نوآبادیاتی منصوبہ ہے۔ اس منصوبے کی بجائے ہمیں عوامی بہبود کو ترقی پر ترجیح دینے والے مزاحمتی منصوبوں کی حمایت اور تعمیر کرنی چاہیے۔ شمارہ ٩

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وکی لیکس مراسلوں کی یادداشتیں

eng | منتخب وکی لیکس دستاویزات پاکستان کے بارے میں درپردہ امریکی سوچ سے پردہ اٹھاتی ہیں- شمارہ ٩

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غیر ملکی قبضہ اورافغان ثقافت پر سیاست

eng | اس لامتناہی جنگ کے چودہ سال گزرنے کے باوجود بھی ہر طرف افغانستان کا جونقشہ کھینچا جاتا ہے وہ اب بھی بے حد سادہ نگار، مبتذل اور تنگ نظر ہے۔ شمارہ ٩

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گنتی، گُلّی اور گلی | سلّو کا بلاگ

مجهے آج وہ نصیحت اور یہ قصہ اس وقت بہت یاد آئے جب میں نے این ایل سی کے فوجی سربراہ اور عہدیداروں سے متعلق فوجی کمیشن کا فیصلہ پڑها۔

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کشفی شرارے

eng | ایک مترجم کا غالب کو انگریزی میں ڈھالنے والی راہ پر خطرپہ سفرشمارہ ٩

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Dangerous Precedent: Why the Qadri Verdict Can Do More Harm Than Good

The High Court’s judgment is both crucial and terribly problematic.


God’s Gravediggers: The Politics of Sectarian Killing

اردو | In a Hazara school, it was possible to divide the students' preoccupations into 4 categories: navigating relationships with parents, career choices, prospects for university and the risk of being shot by a death squad.


Looking for Uncle Ali

اردو | PLUS VIDEO | Nasrullah Bungalzai is still looking for his Uncle Ali in a Kafka-esque search for one of thousands of Baloch who have been forcibly disappeared.


Sabeen Mahmud

Sabeen Mahmud: Our Postmodern Flower Child

On April 24, 2015 activist and self-described postmodern flower child, unabashed Mac snob, Pink...

Screenshot 2014-07-23 00.36.19

“I cannot speak openly” | Voices from North Waziristan

Media coverage has been biased, says North Waziristan journalist Fida Khan Wazir.


Failed State Or Fragmented Hegemony? | Aasim Sajjad Akhtar

VIDEO | Aasim Sajjad Akhtar speaks on the political economy of change in Pakistan.

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