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Did the Liberal PPP Throw Ahmadis Under the Bus? | Butcher’s Block

May 2016
Collage of front pages announcing the passing of Bhutto's anti-Ahmadi laws.

Sherry Rehman's Jang article celebrates Bhutto's anti-Ahmadi laws. She takes almost a month to deny she did it.
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Are we like you? Paris and co-victimhood | Butcher’s Block

Dec 2015

A violence links Euro-America and the Muslim world, Paris and Peshawar. But it not the violence of ‘terrorism'. It is the savagery of the liberal imperial project.
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Why the Death Penalty Won’t Work

Dec 2014
Screenshot of Dawn News reporting on the Army's decision execute 6 men.

Army Chief Raheel Sharif has signed the death warrants of 6 men accused of being "hardcore terrorists." But, a report released this month finds that many of those facing execution are "simply not terrorists." Butcher's Block blog
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In Solidarity | Editorial

Hamid Mir

The journalistic practices and standards of media houses have no bearing on the question of solidarity with journalists under attack.
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Purani Jeans | Butcher’s Block

Feb 2014
Purani Jeans | Butcher’s Block

It is popular among liberal Pakistanis to invoke the more socially liberal Pakistan of the 1950s and 1960s as a country that was on the path to peaceful prosperity. But, these images disassociate culture from politics.
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