Quartermasters of Capital | Professor Laleh Khalili | VIDEO

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Professor Laleh Khalili speaks on war-making and capital accumulation in the making of the transport infrastructures of the Arabian Peninsula.
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اسلام آباد سے سفاکانہ بیدخلی کی روداد

Jun 2016

جیل سے رہائی کے بعد یہ منظر میرے لئے نا قابل یقین تھا کہ تمام آبادی اب بس ایک ملبے کا ڈھیر بن کر رہ گئی تھی ۔شمارہ ١٠

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Reclaiming Pakistaniat

Mar 2016

We need a critical Pakistan studies that challenges reductive analyses informed by global security frameworks, and the state’s uses and abuses of knowledge. Issue 10
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A Visit to the Fakir Khana

Feb 2016

Visiting one of the world's oldest private museums in Lahore, a writer re-discovers her home. Issue 10
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The Lives of Amir Hamza Shinwari


An exploration of the Pashto poetry of Amir Hamza Shinwari. A poet who lived a borderland life, or rather, a life into which borders grew. Issue 10
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Pakistan’s Apartheid Regime

Feb 2016

The Tribal Areas are subject to a deep-seated racism, and exist in a state of apartheid. Issue 10
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Mother Makli: A Living Heritage


I went to Makli to look at ruins, but soon realized that the architecture was merely a backdrop to the lives of countless devotees, mystics and ordinary people. Issue 10: Borders and Boundaries
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