Beaten But Not Defeated | Feministaniat

May 2016
Beaten But Not Defeated | Feministaniat

I continue to flinch at loud noises, avoid violent films and substitute “hit” for “beaten” because being hit is not the same as being beaten. I am not beaten. I do not accept defeat.
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Filming from the Margins | Feministaniat

Aug 2015

Feministaniat interviews emerging South Asian filmmaker, Mariam Zaidi, on how ableism and migration shaped her first short film, Safar.
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Police-walli Spy | FEMINISTANIAT

May 2015

The US State Department and Pakistani police are working together to increase state surveillance in our communities by using women.
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Naya Pakistan: Gora Pakistan | Feministaniat

Apr 2015

Apa jee has successfully transformed the desire for whiteness into a nationalist desire for development.
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Majboori Da | Feministaniat

Feb 2015

I ask her what she thinks about women working outside of the house, whether she thinks it’s a good thing or a bad thing. She says: ‘majboori da’ - I have no choice.
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Imperialist Baji | Feministaniat

Jan 2015

As an elder sister (Hadia Baji), even though I have a fair share of stories of how complicated sisterhood can be, I find this bond of solidarity between our Imperialist Baji, Sister Hillary, and NGO-wallis a bit strange.
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Pakistani Military: Feminist or Not? | Feministaniat

Dec 2014

What does it mean for the Pakistani woman’s role in war to have transformed from passive dua-making to active ‘lady-fighting’ the Taliban in this particular moment in history?
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