Of Swat, SWAT and the Demons of our Minds

In the minds of many, Swat, the valley, is SWAT, the U.S. paramilitary force.
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Reckoning with Zarb-e-Azb | INTRO

Jun 2016

A special series on the military venture that, two years later, still hasn't quite ended.
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The Lives of Amir Hamza Shinwari

An exploration of the Pashto poetry of Amir Hamza Shinwari. A poet who lived a borderland life, or rather, a life into which borders grew. Issue 10
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Pakistan’s Apartheid Regime

Feb 2016

The Tribal Areas are subject to a deep-seated racism, and exist in a state of apartheid. Issue 10
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Mother Makli: A Living Heritage

I went to Makli to look at ruins, but soon realized that the architecture was merely a backdrop to the lives of countless devotees, mystics and ordinary people. Issue 10: Borders and Boundaries
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Mobility and Spatiality among Tribal Pashtuns

Jan 2016

Horizontal mobility and frequent movement are considered a cosmopolitan lifestyle when practiced by the elite. Not so lower down in the socioeconomic ladder: Mobile Tribal Pashtuns are associated with illegality. Issue 10
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A Politics of Rage in Islamabad

Dec 2015

Loss and anger in the aftermath of this summer's brutal slum eviction in Islamabad is fundamental to a resistant and emancipatory politics. Issue 10: Borders/Boundaries
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