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Pakistan’s Apartheid Regime

Feb 2016

The Tribal Areas are subject to a deep-seated racism, and exist in a state of apartheid. Issue 10
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Mobility and Spatiality among Tribal Pashtuns

Jan 2016

Horizontal mobility and frequent movement are considered a cosmopolitan lifestyle when practiced by the elite. Not so lower down in the socioeconomic ladder: Mobile Tribal Pashtuns are associated with illegality. Issue 10
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Journalists on the Run in Pakistan

Dec 2015
Journalists on the Run in Pakistan

Journalists condemn the murder of their slain colleagues and protest government inaction. 48 journalists have been killed in Pakistan in the last decade.
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Selective Mourning After Peshawar

Mar 2015

Scores of people have also died in various military operations in the last decade including earlier operations in North and South Waziristan, and Swat. So, why respond now?
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The Road to Bannu

Sep 2014

اردو | Even though Bannu is governed by the Pakistani constitution, the Pakistani state views it in almost colonial terms. For this part of Pakistan, then, the Raj isn’t over. Reportage
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The Politics Of Naming

Real human beings are reduced to an epithet – “IDPs” – that renders them nameless victims.
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The Practice of International Solidarity

Jul 2014

Solidarity is a practice of connections. We should call for justice in Gaza, but also Balochistan and Waziristan.
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