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Pakistan’s Apartheid Regime

Feb 2016

The Tribal Areas are subject to a deep-seated racism, and exist in a state of apartheid. Issue 10
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Zarb-e-Azb on Tanqeed

Jun 2015

Tanqeed looks at the coverage of Operation Zarb-e-Azb in the national media, and in the zine, one year on.
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The MM Talpur Story: Part II | VOICES

In the second part of Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur's interview, he continues to recount the Baloch struggle–and remembers the disappearances of some of his closest friends and comrades.
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The MM Talpur Story: Part I | VOICES

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur tells the story of his experience in Balochistan as part of the Baloch struggle.
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Trampled Rights in Balochistan

Enforced disappearances are now accompanied by widespread search operations and encounters, in an expanded and intensified state offensive in Balochistan.
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Media Watch | Our Biased Opinions

Pro-war sentiments in Pakistani English-language papers has stifled debate.
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“I am from Waziristan, and I am not afraid of anyone.” | Voices from North Waziristan

Jul 2014

VIDEO | Nur Gul is not afraid to say that ordinary people have died, too.
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