اداریہ | شمارہ۶ : ہجوم اور تحریک

اس شمارہ میں ہم جزو و کل کے تناوکا معائنہ کریں گے، ہجوم سے تحریک اور انسانی بھیڑ تک۔ | eng

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Issue V: Space

Aug 2013

اردو | Tahrir Square, and now Taksim square, have driven home not only the importance of public space to oppositional politics, but also that space remains pivotal to capital and power.
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Issue IV: Onwards Pakistan | Intro

May 2013

اردو | Issue IV | This week, TQ looks at a Pakistani first: elections 2013.
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Issue III: Solidarity Politics

Feb 2013

From Bara to Quetta to Palestine, we consider solidarity politics this month.
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Issue II: After the Floods | Introduction

Dec 2012

Editors intro below the fold: English | اردو + “We Still Need Help” | Mir Changaiz Khan Jamali + Visiting the Floods in South Punjab | Photo Essay Help Tanqeed continue to bring you Conversations. Donate so we can move towards investigative journalism and feature reporting. And pay our reporters what they deserve.  
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Issue I: Room for Debate | Introduction

Nov 2012

 Editors Introduction | a conversations series Two weeks ago, the New York Times asked six writers to comment on what Pakistan and its allies can do to stop the Taliban and support women’s rights. In the wake of the Tehreek-e-Taliban’s (TTP) attack on 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai, the question was timely. Titled, “Supporting Pakistanis, Stopping the Taliban,”...
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