Media Watch

Media Watch | Updates & Introduction

These are the types of sources and the number of instances of these sources in the English language news media, local and international, as it covers the latest army operation in North Waziristan.
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Media Watch | When Ideologies Shape the Facts

The ostensible effect of the silence produced by the media of secular opponents of the war has been to lend further credence to the idea--propped up by many--that secularism is only a western ideology tied to state violence.
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Media Watch | Reading the German and Italian Press

Jun 2014

I chose 4 newspapers from the German speaking world and 3 Italian language papers which have considerable influence and read their coverage of the Army operation between June 12th– June 16th.
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Media Watch | Army attacks North Waziristan

As the Army attacks on North Waziristan ramp up into a full blown military offensive, TQ is launching a media watch project to examine the media coverage of the operation -- and separate propaganda from fact.
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