بچے ۔۔۔ ہمارے معاشرے کا ایک مظلوم طبقہ

پاکستان دنیا میں بچوں کے حقوق کے حوالے سے موجود بین الاقوامی معاہدوں کا دستخطی ہے مگر جب ان پر عمل درآمد کی بات آتی ہے تو پاکستان کا نام سب سے آخر میں آتا ہے

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Sabeen Mahmud: Our Postmodern Flower Child

Apr 2015

On April 24, 2015 activist and self-described postmodern flower child, unabashed Mac snob, Pink Floyd and Bruce Springsteen devotee, and Tetris addict, Sabeen Mahmud, was gunned down after holding a public event on Balochistan in her cafe, The Second Floor in Karachi. In this video, we remember her spirit and fierce courage. Remembering Sabeen  Un-silencing...
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بلوچستان میں انسانی حقوق کی پامالی

پاکستان میں گزشتہ ایک دہائی میں ہر دورِحکومت میں بلوچستان کو ایک نیا زخم ملا ہے۔

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In the Belly of the River: Flooding the Landless

Nov 2014

As Punjab deals with the aftermath of yet another devastating flood, it is the poor and landless who have once again been disproportionately affected. This is not an accident.
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The Man Who Could

Mar 2014

اردو | Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry leaves behind a mixed legacy.
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Holding it Down | A Poetics of War and Occupation

Oct 2013

PLUS MUSIC TRACKS | An Iraq war veteran and a drone pilot delve into the American war experience in a new collaborative album with Vijay Iyer and Mike Ladd.
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Accounting for the Drone Debate

Feb 2013

Irrespective of whether statistics on “civilians” and “militants” are being used to endorse or undermine the drone campaign, this dialogue addresses FATA residents only as denizens of a neo-colony.  The new year has brought a redoubled American drone campaign to Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Region (FATA). Support and condemnation have been vociferous, with evidentiary statistics deployed...
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