Tanqeed is Going on Sabbatical

We want to return better and stronger. Tanqeed’s editorial team has decided to suspend publication for 18 months while we rethink and reconfigure TQ. The website will remain live.
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Tanqeed Editor, Poet, Activist is Missing | #RecoverSalmanHaider

Salman Haider, an editor at Tanqeed, disappeared late on Friday, January 6.
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#independenceday: “Pakistan is not yet independent”

#independenceday: "Pakistan is not yet independent" This independence day, Annie Ali Khan speaks to poet Hasan Mujtaba on the meaning of freedom, and his poem, Bol Ke Tayray Lab Azaad Nahin Hain.
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شمارہ ۸: زبان و سیاست │ اداریہ

تنقید کا پہلا اردو شمارہ زبان اور سیاست کے تال میل کو سمجھنے کی ایک کاوش ہے۔

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Issue 8: Language and Politics

Dec 2014

In our first wholly Urdu issue, we explore the relationship between language and politics.
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Issue 6: Mobs and Movements

Mar 2014

اردو | In this issue, we explore the tensions between the fragment and the whole: the mobs, the movements and the great teeming multitude.
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