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“The night is dark, but I still have hope” | JPP’s Blog

Sep 2015

“They must be taking him for his last bath now,” somebody remarks, with a snatched look at her watch. It will be 4:30am. To know the exact moment someone you care about will die is an incomparable event. Aftab’s life is fading with each turn of the clock, and so is my hope. || Namra Gilani, writes...
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مجرم کون؟ منیر حسین کا مقدمہ: حقوقِ انسانی کی زبان میں

Apr 2015

منیر حسین جسے قانون کی آنکھ نے ایک ذہنی مریض کے طور پر نہیں پر کھا اگر اپنے کردار کا ناقص حصہ اپنی اولاد میں بھی منتقل کر کے جا رہا ہے تو سوال یہ ہے کہ ذمہ دار وہ خود ہے یا نظام جو کہ ملزم کے بچوں کو بھی ملزم بنانے...
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…of broken lives and an endless wait

Sep 2014

Justice Project | Blog | The repatriation of 10 Pakistanis from Bagram this year comes as a promising development.
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Another Black Hole: Released Bagram Prisoners Held Incommunicado in Pakistan | JPP’s Blog

Nov 2013

Two weeks ago the U.S. released 6 Pakistanis from Bagram Prison in Afghanistan.
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