…of broken lives and an endless wait

Sep 2014

Justice Project | Blog | The repatriation of 10 Pakistanis from Bagram this year comes as a promising development.
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Another Black Hole: Released Bagram Prisoners Held Incommunicado in Pakistan | JPP’s Blog

Nov 2013

Two weeks ago the U.S. released 6 Pakistanis from Bagram Prison in Afghanistan.
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A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan

By M.T.
Oct 2012

I post this for two reasons: 1) A study in beautiful, seductive storytelling. 2) A study in how western media occludes America’s role in Afghanistan prior to 9.11. Based on 14 trips to Afghanistan between 1994 and 2010, A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan is the work of photojournalist Seamus Murphy. His work chronicles a people...
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