Waqas Butt

بچے ۔۔۔ ہمارے معاشرے کا ایک مظلوم طبقہ

Oct 2016

پاکستان دنیا میں بچوں کے حقوق کے حوالے سے موجود بین الاقوامی معاہدوں کا دستخطی ہے مگر جب ان پر عمل درآمد کی بات آتی ہے تو پاکستان کا نام سب سے آخر میں آتا ہے

Spaces of Waste | Invisible Cities

Oct 2015

Filth, refuse, trash, and waste of all kinds are consistent and unwanted features of the urban landscape in Lahore. Despite its ubiquity, waste material is a thing that must be moved, whether from a household, commercial establishment, mohalla, or even a street, to an elsewhere. It is constantly in motion, being moved from one space to another. But waste must be (re)moved by someone. How is space differentiated so that waste is invisible in some spaces while, in others, it accumulates and shapes the kind of work, social relations, and life of those who move it?