TQ Chāt | # 24

Feb 2015

did you miss us over Valentine’s Day? we missed you too!

Here’s your special present!
Christopher King’s entire One Language Two Scripts: The Hindi Movement in Nineteenth Century North India!
You’re welcome, Internet!

Important news regarding Valentine's Day ka chand

Important news regarding Valentine’s Day ka chand

On a more serious note:

Database of Shia killings between June 1963 and August 2014

The colour of Muslim mourning


French Colonialism: The Game

Hailed as a model for successful intervention, Libya proves to be the exact opposite

Listening with Veena Das to Ordinary Ethics

A Forgotten History of Anti-Sikh Violence in the Early-20th-Century Pacific Northwest

Abadan: Oil City Dreams and the Nostalgia for Past Futures in Iran

Watch an old lady scold ISIS fighters

Seeing How the Natives Live: On the Pitfalls and Potential of Alternative Tourism

And of course, don’t forget to check out Tanqeed’s latests from last week!

Sadia Saeed kicks off the Difference and The State conversation at TQ Salon: How Ahmadis Became Non-Muslim | TQ SALON

In Memoriam: Peshawar & How Things Come Full Circle

A Muslim Counter Narrative | VOICES


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  1. Anonymous on Feb 2015 at 12:06 PM

    A bad girl is the one who has breasts… wow!

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