TQ Chāt | # 22

Oct 2014


We start off with a 3-minute-and-some-seconds rant by Harlan Ellison that serves as one of the best pieces of advice a writer could receive in this hostile economy. Heads up: Harlan’s angry.

Bulletproof neoliberalism.

Military prostitution, the occupation of Iraq and privatizing women’s bodies.

The global income inequality is back at 1820s level. We have so much to thank capitalism for.

With ISIS making rounds in the American (hyper) imagination, Alireza Doostdar provides a cautionary message on how not to understand ISIS. We recommend this highly.


On a related note, here’s a primer on how the United States created ISIS.

How the modern state creates and protects bonded labor.

The allure of Al Huda: Reconciling liberalism and literalist Islam.

Urbanization, katchi abadis and the need for the redistribution of power in society.

Houston Women’s Conference against the complicity of White American women in American imperialism. Sadly enough, it remains relevant today.

Art work: Pakistani artist Tabinda Chinoy.

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