TQ Chāt | # 12

Jul 2014

Artist: Nasreen Mohamedi.

Artist: Nasreen Mohamedi.

This week at Tanqeed, we give you a mix of the magazine’s most recent media watch analysis concerning the concurrent military operation in North Waziristan. Approximately 600,000 people could potentially face displacement according to the federal government. In the videos category, Tanqeed explores the cumbersome ramifications of the American War and the Army in Pakistani lives.

After the Pakistan Army started its aerial bombardments, Nandoona, from Dawari in North Waziristan, spent three days and two nights walking without her husband who stayed behind. She had six children but by the time she arrived in Bannu, she had only four left. Two days later, Nandoona received the news that her husband might be dead. Report by Mahvish Ahmad and translation by Palwasha Mushtaq.

With the highrise support for Zarb-e-Azb among liberal and conservative Pakistanis against their own fellow citizens in North Waziristan, Zehra Husain pens a critique on mainstream media within the country and the hyper-nationalist jingoism it injects in viewers across the country, manufacturing most deadly consent. Aasim Sajjad Akhtar discusses the political economy of change in Pakistan in Failed State of Fragmented Hegemony?

Artist: Nasreen Mohamedi

Artist: Nasreen Mohamedi

Pride can be a tricky slope, especially in the era of neoliberalism where human rights are frequently hijacked for corporate agendas. “International work,” the author writes, “done “for” LGBTs (or women, development, girls, you name it) from the USA is, first of all, a great industry giving jobs to a vast majority [within the organizations] of USA citizens and also to a few privileged ones from the Global South.”

Leopold Lambert, author of Weaponized Architecture, illustrates and explains the politics of apartheid implemented by the state of Israel in Palestine through a commonality in all our lives: Road maps.

Whether it is a slew of commercials promising social success by way of porcelain skin or the endless rows of products claiming to knock out all of your skin problems, it is more than clear that we want clear skin and we want it now. But where does this social obsession with clean, spotless skin come from? According to a recent British dermatological study, we should be pointing our fingers at Shakespeare. That’s right. Shakespeare.

Urdu recommendation: 

… سندھ میں اردو شاعری: سچل سرمست سے شیخ ایاز تک

محسن انسانیت: نکولا ٹیسلا – جس نے بیسویں صدی ایجاد کی

Artist: Nasreen Mohamedi.

Artist: Nasreen Mohamedi.

About the artist: “Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Nasreen Mohamedi created a highly developed language from the 1950s to the 1980s. Early drawings often suggest plants and trees, before the artist focused on creating variations around the grid format; later works present free-floating geometric forms that evoke futuristic, mechanical or architectural devices.”

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