TQ Chāt | # 5

Mar 2014

HASHMI_Beware the Buyers. 1999

Get into the home stretch of the week with our fifth bi-weekly reading list!

Start by (re)acquainting with Tanqeed’s 6th quarterly issue, Mobs and Movements!
We explored the tensions between the fragment and the whole: the mobs, the movements and the great teeming multitude. We brought you reviews of The Scatter Here Is Too Great and The Corpse Washer, and essays on communal riots in India, labor organization in the Gulf, the history of Golden Dawn, liberal narratives about the “irrationality” of “mob violence”, and the legacy of Iftikhar Chaudhary. And don’t forget to check out some of Imran Qureshi’s art!

Watch Tanqeed Editor-in-Chief Madiha Thair and contributors Saadia Toor, Asim Rafiqui and Sarah Belal at a Columbia University panel discussing a Pakistan overtaken by its representations.

Smarten up with Dina Siddiqi’s brilliant discussion of the orientalism of American Apparel’s recent “Made In Bangladesh” advertisement.  Read Arundathi Roy’s preface to Ambedkar’s Annihilation of Caste, The Doctor and The Saint, which garnered her predictable adulation in the pages of New York Times, and measured approbation in more thoughtful spaces.

Reflect on time and presence in Kashmir with Saiba Varma, and take a look at subjectivity and consent in an age of selfies with Jenna Brager.

Listen to Saree Makdisi on a return to Edward Said’s Orientalism, and considers the effects of Tagore’s 1932 trip to Iran on Pehlavi nationalism with Afshin Marashi .

 اور پاکستان ميں اشعار غالب اور کلام گلزار کو ‘سررئیل ازم’ کی تکنیک میں کینوس میں سمویا جانے کے بارے ميں پڑھيے اور انڈيا ميں ز بان اردو کے فروغ کی شيرينی کوششيں ملاحضہ کيجيے۔

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