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Colonial powers such as Pakistan make laws to justify their occupation, and to exploit the resources of the colonized by hiding behind the obscuring veil of the state and elections.

The Indian National Congress took part in elections under an electoral framework formulated by the British Empire. According to Abdul Kalam Azad, the President of the Congress, all Congress ministers would work under the influence of British governors, and would adopt policies dictated by those governors, as a result of these elections. Is it not true that wherever colonials formulate laws, they aim to legitimize their exploitation and plunder under the shadow of those very laws?

The same thing has been happening in our Baloch land since 1948. The whole nation has been taken hostage, in exchange for a small share of state power for a small group of individuals (and that, too not at the state’s highest levels) . In order to protect and sustain this small privileged group, elections will be held in occupied Balochistan–with the help of extensive force.

In March 1948, Pakistan violated international laws governing political boundaries, and invaded the Baloch land by military force. From day one and up to 1973, the Pakistani assembly passed many laws to thwart the Baloch land’s political status, and annex it to Western Pakistan-cum-Punjab. Similarly, those laws and legislative institutions became the basis for the execution of the Baloch people. Everyone, from Babu Nowroz to Hamid Baloch, was a victim of these same assemblies and of their drafted laws. On the basis of such laws and assemblies, non-Balochi languages were imposed on the Baloch, their cultural values were distorted, and extensive efforts were made to cause the Baloch to be attracted to the unnatural country of Pakistan–a trend that continues today.

All these legislative insinuations and their formulated laws have been used as a bare sword by Pakistani terrorists to shower themselves with the blood of the Baloch people. The Pakistani army’s genocidal war crimes are being justified on the basis of such laws.

The Baloch national struggle, which aims to regain our national freedom, complies with international laws.  It respects all human values, and uses all possible means through which it can counter the brutal army of Pakistan and its death squads. Besides, the Baloch nation, through peaceful means, tries to make the world understand that the Baloch is fighting for the attainment of a free and independent state, while fully respecting globally recognized human rights and values.

The Baloch is struggling for a secular and justice-based state, which would be a buffer state against extremism, terrorism and racism. Indeed, not only the region, but also the entire world would benefit from a free Balochistan. Achieving freedom, the Baloch nation will use its resources for its own welfare, while standing shoulder to shoulder with all peace-loving nations to work for the elimination from the human society of all types of weapons of mass destruction.

The Pakistan media and the pro-Pakistani Baloch groups propagate that opposing Pakistani laws and assemblies are a kind of enmity with democratic values. The so-called democratic groups should understand why Baloch freedom fighters oppose these so called elections:

1-    By appointing just a few persons, the Pakistan intelligence agencies try to convince the world public opinion that the Baloch recognize Pakistani institutions, and that, the occupation of Balochistan has taken place in accordance with the will of the Baloch people. They also want to convey to the international community, particularly the UN, that the occupation of Balochistan is a legitimate act.

2-    The colonial assemblies, so far, have only passed laws through which the Pakistani establishment can enhance its grip over the occupied territory, such as annexing Jacob Abad (Khan Garh), Rajanpur, DG Khan to Punjab and Sind, depriving the Baloch from their mother tongue, and distorting their culture. Under the colonial laws the natural resources of Balochistan have been given to the army and secret services, to be used for depriving the Baloch people from their right for freedom (as Raeesani and Magsi governments have given the Baloch resources to the army, FC and Rangers and have committed genocide against the Baloch people). Similarly, the coming assembly would remain loyal to the federal government, and would pass the same laws, which it has been passing from 1948 up to now.

3-    The main aim of these elections is to create a privileged class, which would be operate as a fifth column against freedom activists. We have seen members of previous assemblies admitting on assembly floors that they had authorized the FC and the Army to conduct military operations in Balochistan. Killing and dumping thousands of Baloch people is the only achievement that these assembly members can speak of.

4-    These elections aim at passing laws against the Baloch freedom struggle, at devising legal ways to exploit the national resources of Balochistan to occupiers, and convincing the world public opinion that the Baloch themselves are signing such agreements through assemblies. In this regard, the Saindak project, the Reco-deck project, Gawader port, Sui Gas field, all are clear examples. This assembly, in the name of democracy, would pass such laws through which it would legalize the exploitation of the resources of our Baloch land.

5-    The occupier state would introduce these puppet assembly members as representative of the Baloch nation to the world, and would try to legalize the occupation of the Baloch land.

Therefore, based on the above points, the freedom-loving nation of the Baloch has realized that it will not be a part of Pakistani institutions, and conveys this message to the world: These institutions are not representing the Baloch nation.  At present, the entire Baloch nation has rejected the Pakistani parliament-loving-people, and they are facing severe rejections in almost 95 per cent of Balochistan’s regions. The faithful and neutral media, civilized and human-loving nations, and the international institution including the UN, need to include the Baloch national struggle in their agendas, and declare Balochistan a conflict zone.

 Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch is a commander in the Balochistan Liberation Front.

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  1. M Ali Khan on May 2013 at 10:51 AM

    You know, the old Doctor could have summed up his entire post by saying three words:

    “Vote or Die”

    Simple as that.

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