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Dec 2012
By M.T.

This is a live project by Josh Begley. The Twitter stream below is continually being updated.

Josh Begley, maker of the drone app that Apple rejected, has been tweeting every American drone strike since 2002  on Twitter @dronestream. The project, which began on Dec 11th and was supposed to last only 10 minutes, is now on its 6th day and counting.

*Below is an incomplete, off-the-beaten-path, reading list on drones and the “war on terror” in no particular order. We will be updating it. 

Select media reports on the project:

Tweeting the US Drone War | Al-Jazeera

The NYU Student Tweeting Every Reported Drone Strike Has Revealed a Disturbing Trend | Business Insider

Josh Begley Tweets Entire History of Drone Attacks | Daily Beast

One Man is Now Tweeting Every U.S. Drone Strike Known to Man | Atlantic Wire

Links on drones and the “war on terror”:

A Brief History of Drones | John Sifton |  The Nation | Feb 07, 2012

Drones: A Photo History | Foreign Policy | Feb 27, 2012

Drone strikes’ cases| Reprieve (a UK based human rights firm)

The Secret History of Boeing’s Killer Drone | David Axe | Wired | Jun 06, 20122

The Woes of an American Drone Operator | Nicola Abe | Der Spiegel | Dec 14, 2012

Fighting Back the CIA Drone War | Muhammad Idrees Ahmad | Al Jazeera | Jul 30, 2011

Eye of the Drone | Harper’s Magazine | Jun 2012

Louder than Bombs | Madiha R. Tahir | The New Inquiry | Jul 16, 2012


Waging War in Waziristan | Adam M. Roe

Predator: The Remote-Control Air War over Iraq and Afghanistan: A Pilot’s Story | Matt J. Martin and Charles W. Sasser

Reading Humanitarian Intervention | Anne Orford

The Right to Look: A Counterhistory of Visuality | Nicholas Mirzoeff

Academic articles:

The Everywhere War | Derek Gregory | The Geographical Journal  177 | Sept 2011

Tarzan White Flights: Terrorism and Fantasy Before and After the Airplane | Aaron Bady | American Literature Vol. 83, No. 2 | Jun 2011

Differential News Framing of Unmanned Aerial Drones | Timothy Jones, Penelope Sheets, Charles Rowling | APSA 2011

From a view to a kill: Drones and late modern war | Derek Gregory | Theory, culture and society 28 (7-8) | 2011

The Spatial Politics of Drone Warfare | Ian Graham Ronald Shaw |  a PhD dissertation , The University of Arizona | 2011

Ontologies of the Wayward Drone | Jordan Crandall | CTheory | Nov 2011


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