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Quartermasters of Capital | Professor Laleh Khalili | VIDEO

Professor Laleh Khalili speaks on war-making and capital accumulation in the making of the transport infrastructures of the Arabian Peninsula.
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The Archives of War

Sep 2015

اردو | New poetry on Bangladesh’s birangonas blurs the line between conventional fact and art. Issue 9
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غیر ملکی قبضہ اورافغان ثقافت پر سیاست

eng | اس لامتناہی جنگ کے چودہ سال گزرنے کے باوجود بھی ہر طرف افغانستان کا جونقشہ کھینچا جاتا ہے وہ اب بھی بے حد سادہ نگار، مبتذل اور تنگ نظر ہے۔ شمارہ ٩

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Zarb-e-Azb on Tanqeed

Jun 2015

Tanqeed looks at the coverage of Operation Zarb-e-Azb in the national media, and in the zine, one year on.
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The MM Talpur Story: Part II | VOICES

In the second part of Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur's interview, he continues to recount the Baloch struggle–and remembers the disappearances of some of his closest friends and comrades.
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The MM Talpur Story: Part I | VOICES

Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur tells the story of his experience in Balochistan as part of the Baloch struggle.
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“Her Head Was Ripped Apart” | Voices from North Waziristan

Nor Niaza was trapped in the bombardment with her paralyzed husband and mentally ill son.
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