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مجرم کون؟ منیر حسین کا مقدمہ: حقوقِ انسانی کی زبان میں

Apr 2015

منیر حسین جسے قانون کی آنکھ نے ایک ذہنی مریض کے طور پر نہیں پر کھا اگر اپنے کردار کا ناقص حصہ اپنی اولاد میں بھی منتقل کر کے جا رہا ہے تو سوال یہ ہے کہ ذمہ دار وہ خود ہے یا نظام جو کہ ملزم کے بچوں کو بھی ملزم بنانے...
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Trampled Rights in Balochistan

Enforced disappearances are now accompanied by widespread search operations and encounters, in an expanded and intensified state offensive in Balochistan.
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Paying for their Crimes

Dec 2012

It is as if we—the marginalized communities of northern Pakistan—are made to stand in the dock for crimes the Pakistani state and its establishment have been committing. “Yes, but you have also girls as teachers at your school who mix with your male colleagues,” Moamber, a Talib, who was my former schoolmate, told me....
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