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Sit-ins with the Dead

Sep 2014

اردو | The Hazara sit-ins began as protests with broad potential, only to become ritualized under the undemocratic organization of the Quetta Yakjehti Council and Shia leadership.
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Looking for Uncle Ali

Aug 2013

اردو | PLUS VIDEO | Nasrullah Bungalzai is still looking for his Uncle Ali in a Kafka-esque search for one of thousands of Baloch who have been forcibly disappeared.
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Politics Interrupted

Feb 2013

It won't get better than the unity of parliamentary parties against Tahir ul-Qadri’s disruption.
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Hazara Solidarity Protests | Live Updates | Tanqeed

By M.T.
Jan 2013

Tweets about “#HazaraGenocide”
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