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Hegemony in Punjab | Invisible Cities

Jan 2015

A consumerist fantasy keeps Charar Pind's property-less classes aligned with the interests of Lahore's elite.
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PPP in the Punjab | Bushra Zaidi

Mar 2013

The PPP is confident that it is going to sweep this election. Its rivals are equally confident that it is going to be “wiped out” in Punjab, a province that is crucial to being the largest party in the next national assembly.
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Disaster Relief & Propaganda

Dec 2012

English | اردو From political parties and the government to the army and Islamist groups, everyone has tried to score political points on tragedy. I visited Punjab’s Rajanpur and Dera Ghazi Khan districts with Rana Farooq, the Federal Minister for Climate Change, and his official flood relief delegation this September. Both districts were badly hit by...
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