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The Hamlets Hum in Punjabi

Feb 2016

Some questions the Punjabi movement in Pakistan poses for the Left today. Issue 10
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Punjab, Curriculum and Heroes

Dulla Bhatti and Rani of Jhansi are amongst our most dazzling heroes. Why, then, do we know nothing about them?
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Why Are Women Verbally Abused?

From "bhenchod" to "maachod", most cuss words are about women. What words are we, as women, then supposed to use?
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English/Urdu Bipolarity Syndrome in Pakistan

Feb 2015

Pakistan's media conglomerates know what sells in what language.
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Paying for their Crimes

Dec 2012

It is as if we—the marginalized communities of northern Pakistan—are made to stand in the dock for crimes the Pakistani state and its establishment have been committing. “Yes, but you have also girls as teachers at your school who mix with your male colleagues,” Moamber, a Talib, who was my former schoolmate, told me....
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