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Beaten But Not Defeated | Feministaniat

May 2016
Beaten But Not Defeated | Feministaniat

I continue to flinch at loud noises, avoid violent films and substitute “hit” for “beaten” because being hit is not the same as being beaten. I am not beaten. I do not accept defeat.
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Being Female & Ahmadi | VOICES

Jan 2016

I spoke with this female Ahmadi student to document the tribulations Ahmadi women go through once they step out of the security of Rabwah.
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Beards and Belonging in Lahore

Aug 2015

اردو | You are well educated, you are a teacher, then why this beard and hair? Issue 9
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Facebook Domestication

Jul 2015

In Pakistan, Facebook is used to reproduce family practices that keep women from public spaces–both of the physical and digital kind.
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Khwaja Siras and State (Dis)Belief | TQ SALON


If the state has been unwilling to fully regard penises and anuses, it has contemplated vaginas even less ably. In these social crevices then, a certain kind of space can flourish outside of the state’s harsh glare.
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اردو ادب میں صنفی کردار کی صورت گری

SL_HINA_South Winds II

یہ ممکن نہیں کہ سماج میں عورت اور مرد کے روایتی صنفی کردار بدل جائیں اور ادب گزرے ہوئے زمانے کے رشتوں اور حالتوں کا بیان لکھتا رہے۔

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عورت کو گالی کیوں دی جاتی ہے


عورت گالی دے تو کسے گالی دے کہ ہر گالی تو ماں بہن کے بارے میں ہوتی ہے تو کیا میں اپنے آپ کو گالیاں دوں؟

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