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Making Muhajir Politics

Feb 2015

MQM politics today thus mediates between the particular, a muhajir identity, and the universal, a national alliance that cuts across ethnic divisions -- a delicate dance that the party performs by engaging in what I call “non-sovereign” politics.
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How the State Sanctions Bonded Labor

Sep 2014

اردو | Slavery is intrinsic to modern-day capitalism.
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That Fire in Their Eyes: Towards a Diasporic History of South Asian Protest

Mar 2014

اردو | This history of protest culture is little known, often carried in the stories and experiences of the workers themselves as they travel from place to place.
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Turning Balochistan Into A Cemetery

This is not the first time that a military operation has been carried out by the Frontier Corps (FC), a paramilitary force, in southern Balochistan’s Mashky, Awaran District. The FC launched another operation just two months ago. Unlike the current offensive, this earlier, mid-October operation was denounced from the floor of the provincial assembly...
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