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Notes on the Wikileaks Cables

Aug 2015

اردو | The Wikileaks cables reveal America’s conversation on Pakistan. Issue 9
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Blurred lines: Business and partying among Pakistan’s elite

Feb 2015

At its uppermost levels, Pakistan's economic system is closed, and the elite, not legal statutes, create, control, and guard their domain, serving as gatekeepers to those outsiders who might seek to gain entry.
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Drone strikes, factory fires and imperialism in Pakistan

Dec 2012

The factory fire in Karachi is no less an outcome of imperialism in its neoliberal capitalist face, than drone strikes are the outcome of imperialism in its armed warfare face. Let’s talk a little bit about what imperialism looks like. Pakistanis and Muslims in general talk a lot about imperialism—mainly about American imperialism—but we...
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