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Protests in Search of a Movement

Sep 2014

اردو | There is no rights-for-shelter or housing movement in urban Pakistan like Brazil or India because conditions force katchi abadi dwellers often to work with land developers rather than against them.
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On Not Speaking of Palestine

Feb 2013
On Not Speaking of Palestine | Sunaina Maira

English | اردو What shocked me was something I had not anticipated: the latent and sometimes overt hostility to Palestine solidarity and sympathy for Zionist propaganda. In 2009, I moved to Lahore for a year. It was my first visit ever to Pakistan, and to the city where my father was born, and from where my...
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A New Humanism

English | اردو What motivates the desire for Third World solidarity is the shared history of oppression by a common oppressor. In 2009, a few academics, supported by long standing left-wing activists, founded Pakistanis for Palestine, a Lahore based group that aimed to support Palestinians in their struggle for statehood. Critics—which include Pakistanis—of course, wonder why,...
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