عورت کو گالی کیوں دی جاتی ہے

عورت گالی دے تو کسے گالی دے کہ ہر گالی تو ماں بہن کے بارے میں ہوتی ہے تو کیا میں اپنے آپ کو گالیاں دوں؟

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یاد تازہ رکھنے کا عمل

راکشسوں، ماضی اور پہاڑوں بارے میں ایک گفتگو۔

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In conversation with Jawad Aslam: The challenges of providing affordable housing in Pakistan

Invisible Cities | Blog | In Pakistan, there is a shortage of 6 million units for those who earn less than PKR 25,000/month. At this point in time, with the exception of a few isolated low-income housing projects, there is little the government plans to do about this crisis. So, if the...
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A Very Queer Ramadan

Dec 2014

This is a story of a group of queer Muslims who refused to let their identities be mutually exclusive this Ramadan, a group of queer Muslims who were tired of feeling out of place in their mosques.
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“They Are Not Friends To The Pashtuns” | Voices from North Waziristan

Jul 2014

Malik Noor Rehman laments the policies of a government that has forgotten the Pashtuns.
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“I cannot speak openly” | Voices from North Waziristan

Media coverage has been biased, says North Waziristan journalist Fida Khan Wazir.
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“Pakistan Has Turned Against Us” | Voices from North Waziristan

The media's portrayal of North Waziristan is flawed, says Nazar Ali Dawar.
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