Calvino’s Tales And The City | Invisible Cities

"To seek and learn to recognize who and what, in the midst of the inferno, are not inferno, and then make them endure, give them space."
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“Her Head Was Ripped Apart” | Voices from North Waziristan

Nor Niaza was trapped in the bombardment with her paralyzed husband and mentally ill son.
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Media Watch | Pak Press Covers Civilian Govt Unlike Foreign Press

Jul 02.2014 - Unlike the Pakistani press, the international press has continued to rely very heavily on state-security sources. In fact, state-civilian sources are cited just 15 percent of the time.
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Media Watch | Jingoism in the Media

Jul 2014

There is high tolerance for state violence without giving much thought to the death and destruction it causes.
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Media Watch | Army attacks North Waziristan

As the Army attacks on North Waziristan ramp up into a full blown military offensive, TQ is launching a media watch project to examine the media coverage of the operation -- and separate propaganda from fact.
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A Chronicle of the Death of a Civilization

Mar 2014

اردو | It is Antoon’s virtuoso treatment of the themes of translation and the body that give this remarkable work its devastating, haunting power.
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دورِفساد : سرپرستانہ سیاست اور تشدد

بھارتی ہندومسلم فسادات میں مذہبی تناؤسے زیادہ سرپرستانہ سیاست اور غنڈہ گردی نیٹ ورک کا ہاتھ ہے۔ | eng

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