Essays & Criticism

Part I: Waiting for a Real Reckoning on 1971

Dec 2012

I remained in the (insane asylum) for six months in 1973. What drove me mad? Well, I felt the collective guilt of the Army action which at worst should have stopped by late April 1971. —Colonel Nadir Ali, Pakistan Army, “A Khaki Dissident on 1971,” Viewpoint, December 17, 2010 Our fathers committed a deadly mistake,...
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South Asian Literature Prize

By M.T.
Oct 2012

Congratulations to Jamil Ahmad, Musharraf Ali Farooqi and Mohammad Hanif for making it to the longlist of the 2013 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature! The books (with summaries from DSC): Jamil Ahmad: TheWandering Falcon(Hamish Hamilton/Penguin India) The Wandering Falcon begins with a young couple, refugees from their tribe, who have traveled to the middle of nowhere to escape...
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