Rabia Mehmood | contributing editor R.M. is a multimedia and television journalist from Lahore. She has reported extensively on urban militancy and human rights from Pakistan. Her work focuses on the persecution of religious minorities, sectarian violence, political unrest, women as well as labor rights and culture. She produced two short documentaries on rights violation of Pakistan’s religious minorities. Her work has appeared in Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera America, PBS, New York Times, AFP, France 24, Channel News Asia, Headlines Today, AFP, Dawn, The News and The Friday Times. In 2010, she was the IWMF Elizabeth Neuffer Fellow at the Center for International Studies of MIT. Mehmood researched for and co-wrote a report to document the impact of religious extremism on the lives of Muslim and non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan, for which she travelled across the country to speak with the Shia, Christian, Ahmadi, Hindu, Sikh and Parsi communities. She is multilingual, and reports in both English and Urdu. She has presented on national and international forums on human rights.