Hadia Akhtar

بچے ۔۔۔ ہمارے معاشرے کا ایک مظلوم طبقہ

Oct 2016

پاکستان دنیا میں بچوں کے حقوق کے حوالے سے موجود بین الاقوامی معاہدوں کا دستخطی ہے مگر جب ان پر عمل درآمد کی بات آتی ہے تو پاکستان کا نام سب سے آخر میں آتا ہے

Police-walli Spy | FEMINISTANIAT

May 2015

The US State Department and Pakistani police are working together to increase state surveillance in our communities by using women.

Naya Pakistan: Gora Pakistan | Feministaniat

Apr 2015

Apa jee has successfully transformed the desire for whiteness into a nationalist desire for development.

Majboori Da | Feministaniat

Feb 2015

I ask her what she thinks about women working outside of the house, whether she thinks it’s a good thing or a bad thing. She says: ‘majboori da’ – I have no choice.

Imperialist Baji | Feministaniat

Jan 2015

As an elder sister (Hadia Baji), even though I have a fair share of stories of how complicated sisterhood can be, I find this bond of solidarity between our Imperialist Baji, Sister Hillary, and NGO-wallis a bit strange.

Pakistani Military: Feminist or Not? | Feministaniat

Dec 2014

What does it mean for the Pakistani woman’s role in war to have transformed from passive dua-making to active ‘lady-fighting’ the Taliban in this particular moment in history?