When we’re not working on our issues, we bring outstanding independent essays from writers in Pakistan and around the world. Sometimes we’ll run an essay series on a topic we feel needs attention. Other times, a writer will do that work for us. Here are all the single-standing essays we have run on Tanqeed.

Abuses on the Path to Salvation | Adaner Usmani | January 7 2013 | All told, one has to credit the AI researchers for being uncompromising in their denunciation of army abuses. This has always been the honest liberal’s central virtue: unremitting defense of everyone’s right to have rights.

Obscuring Empire | Akram Javed | January 6 2013 | Amnesty’s approach seeks to surgically extract the conflict in Pakistan from its broader geopolitical context.

Turning Balochistan Into A Cemetery | Mohammad Ali Talpur | January 2 2013 | This is not the first time that the Frontier Corps has carried out an operation in Balochistan’s Awaran district.

Paying for their Crimes | Zubair Torwali | December 31 2012 | It is as if we—the marginalized communities of northern Pakistan—are made to stand in the dock for crimes the Pakistani state and its establishment have been committing.

ESSAY SERIES: 1971 & Bangladesh | Yasmin Saikia | Naeem Mohaiemen | Tanqeed | 16-23 December 2012 | In a series of articles that ran from December 16th to December 23rd 2012, Tanqeed looked back at the war that history forgot, 41 years after Pakistani soldiers surrendered their arms to Indian soldiers and Bengali fighters in Dhaka.

Drone Strikes, Factory Fires and Imperialism in Pakistan | Akram Javed | December 4 2012 | The factory fire in Karachi is no less an outcome of imperialism in its neoliberal capitalist face, than drone strikes are the outcome of imperialism in its armed warfare face.