Issue 9: Enduring Imperialisms | Intro

Aug 2015

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Artist: Aman Mojadidi |"a fter a long day's work"

Artist: Aman Mojadidi |”after a long day’s work”

From the cultural politics of the war in Kabul to the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor, this issue spans the flexible, mutating quality of imperial power. Although there has been much talk of a drawdown in Afghanistan, imperialism outlives boots on the ground. With that in mind, we inaugurate this issue with a host of wonderful writers:

Melissa Kerr Chiovenda looks at the fate of the Hazaras after the war. Francesca Recchia observes the politics of culture in the “Kabubble”, while artist Aman Mojadidi lends his art to this issue to highlight the intersections to which the current situation gives rise. On the other side of the Durand line, Sanaa Alimia  reflects on the aftermath of the Peshawar attacks, while Taimoor Shahid provides an up-close and personal view of what discrimination against Pashtuns looks like in Pakistan. Majed Akhtar delivers a Fanonian reading of the China-Pakistan corridor, and  Waqas H. Butt and Sher Ali Khan delve into its details. Justin Podur provides notes on the Wikileaks cables relating to Pakistan, and Naheed Mustafa reports on how Canada is using its immigration system to deal with suspected terrorists — and to deny them their full legal rights. Shaista Aziz focuses our attention on the streams of migrants now attempting to reach Europe’s shores. Finally, Francesca Chubb-Confer provides a note on translating Ghalib, Haider Shahbaz looks at the poetic archives of the Bangladesh war and Saman Tariq Malik reviews the art of Karachi artist Madiha Hyder.

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