Sabeen Mahmud: Our Postmodern Flower Child

Apr 2015

On April 24, 2015 activist and self-described postmodern flower child, unabashed Mac snob, Pink Floyd and Bruce Springsteen devotee, and Tetris addict, Sabeen Mahmud, was gunned down after holding a public event on Balochistan in her cafe, The Second Floor in Karachi. In this video, we remember her spirit and fierce courage.

Remembering Sabeen 

Un-silencing Sabeen | Nadia Naviwala Medium

Badtameez Dil Sabeen | Alia Chughtai

Idealism Didn’t Kill Sabeen, Bullets Did | Sami Shah

‘She was both Mother and Anarchist’ | Saim Saeed

Pakistan PM Orders Probe into Killing of Activist | Asad Hashim Al-Jazeera English

Gunmen Kill Arts Advocate in Pakistan After Human Rights Event | Saba Imtiaz New York Times

Murder of Activist Adds to Backlash Against Pakistan Authorities | Saeed Shah WSJ

Bravest Woman’ Free Speech Activist Killed in Pakistan | Sophia Saifi & Ben Broomfield

TQ on Balochistan

Looking for Uncle Ali | Mohammed Hanif

Why Trouble Rules Balochistan | Malik Siraj Akbar

In Solidarity | Editorial

Balochi, Urdu | Shah Muhammad Marri

Turning Balochistan into a Cemetery | Mir Muhammad Ali Talpur

Sit-ins with the Dead | Ayesha Omer

God’s Gravediggers: The Politics of Sectarian Killing | Matthew Green

The Hunger Strike No One is Reporting | TQ

Why do the Baloch Reject the 2013 Elections? | Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch

The Man Who Could | Umar Farooq

Between the Earthquakes and the War | Mahvish Ahmad

More Balochistan Coverage

From Rallies to Armed Resistance | Madiha Tahir Al-Jazeera English

Homefront | Mahvish Ahmad Caravan

Balochistan: Pakistan’s Broken Mirror | Madiha Tahir The National

Pakistan’s Unending Battle over Balochistan | Asad Hashim Al-Jazeera English 


The Baloch who is Not Missing | Muhammad Hanif

Balochistan: Freedom Reconciliation Annihilation | Hashim Bin Rashid TNS

Balochistan: Pakistan’s Other War | Al-Jazeera English

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