TQ Chāt | # 19

Sep 2014

Asako Narahashi

With the floods back in Pakistan, we urge our readers to revisit our second issue on the subject.

The Other 9/11: Remembering Chile’s descent into dictatorship.

Migrant workers and labor unions in the Gulf by Karim Radhi.

Asako Narahashi2

Writings by Black communist feminist Claudia Jones.

Shailja Patel: “Identity is a discussion that people engage in when they have given up on justice, equality, and equity.”

Academic repression and scholarly dissent.


Fredrick C. Harris: “The politics of respectability works to accommodate neoliberalism.”

Prashant Kidambi’s The Ultimate Masters of the City: Police, public order and the poor in colonial Bombay.

Saadia Toor: Notes toward a people’s history of Pakistan.

Silvia Federici: “It is still women who do most of the unpaid labor in the home and this has never been precarious.”


Photography by Asako Narahashi.

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