TQ Chāt

Feb 2014

Bi-weekly Chāt: the second course of Tanqeed’s bi-weekly Brainfood serving! Enjoy!

Remember veteran unionist and left activist Naseer Humayoun. Reflect on why Khalujaan uses words like shamsheer but cannot pronounce ishq, and on why kids from Dadu to Nowshera are rapping.
Let Vijay Prashad give you the 101 on ASA’s endorsement of BDS. Tag along with Manan Ahmed on a lyrical visit to the idols in the Bhawalpur archives, and join Jacob Steiner in his chat with Ali Nobil Ahmad about Ali’s new book on sexuality and Pakistani migration to Europe.
Learn to speak postmodern, and get reminded to check your performative cruelty.
Remember that culture is not always organically constructed, and that its production is political.
And, for dessert:
 ريشماں کے ہاتھ کا ميٹھا کھائيے٬ اور پھر جرنل  صاحب کی خاطر ميں تازہ پکوان ملاحضہ کيجيے

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