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Nov 2012

Waziris Mourn Their Dead After Army Attacks | Tanqeed from Tanqeed on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Waziris carry the coffins of their dead in a massive funeral procession and march following an attack by the Pakistani Army on its own citizens. 

The Pakistani Army subjected Mir Ali, one of North Waziristan’s heavily populated areas, to heavy fire after two soldiers were killed from an IED explosive set on the Mirali bypass road last Sunday. Following the bomb blast, a curfew was imposed on the area and Pakistani gunships began patrolling the area.

The Army’s attack killed four Pakistanis in Mir Ali including a second-year college student, Naeemullah, who was aspiring to become a doctor. Our correspondent reports that an Army shell fell on Naeemullah’s home in Mir Ali. Residents of the area say those killed were not involved in the attack on the Army.

Pakistan northwestern tribal areas are regularly subjected to at least at three forms of violence: attacks by the Pakistan Army, the Taliban and affiliated organizations, and American drones. Contrary to popular verbiage, Pakistan’s tribal areas are not “lawless”; rather, various forces, groups and forms of power–legal, political and military–have turned North Waziristan into an experimental ground for draconian measures and indiscriminate killing.

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11 Responses to Waziris Mourn Their Dead After Army Attacks | Notes from the Ground

  1. Zohra Yusuf on Nov 2012 at 1:24 AM

    of course, those who protest drone attacks will remain silent on these killings

    • Mustafa Moiz on Nov 2012 at 5:34 PM

      Those who protest drone attacks are protesting foreign attacks on Pakistanis. Of course when the military is involved somewhere, there will be death, far more death than you would think necessary. But that’s just what armies do. They don’t go their and give someone a slap on the wrists and say, “Don’t do this again.” The very presence of the military tends to suggest that the problem has become serious enough that select action by police and other law enforcers hasn’t worked. Look at Sri Lanka, they were wrapping up a 26 year civil war against the world’s most dangerous terrorists, of course there was bloodshed, UNHR can investigate all they want, but that’s what the army does.
      That’s why, hateful though they are, drone attacks were always a better option than boots on the ground. But that doesn’t give America the right to fire off into our land, murder our people, pretty much indiscriminately. We have every right to protest drone attacks, this is a different scenario altogether.

      • zia on May 2014 at 1:09 PM

        dear mustafa I totally agree with you.

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  4. Sher Ghazi on Jan 2013 at 2:24 PM

    Hats Off to the reporter.

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  6. qasim shah on May 2014 at 11:14 AM

    in this attack my cuzn lost his leg he was serving at pak army. Now who is responsible for this?
    I think the drone attacks were always a better option for them.

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